New collaboration for a stronger ecosystem

Swedish national initiative for a stronger support system on social entrepreneurship and social innovation

Nine actors from different parts of Sweden are now launching the most comprehensive initiative made so far in the country to promote a broader ecosystem and a stronger support structure for social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The initiative is a collaboration between the Social Entrepreneurship Forum (SE Forum), Ashoka Nordic, Coompanion Västerbotten, Reach for Change, Impact Invest, Inkludera, Mikrofonden, Sopact and Linköping University, and in collaboration with Sweden's innovation authority Vinnova.

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Sara Hugosson 

Handläggare för social innovation at Vinnova

“This is an important initiative to continue to strengthen the support structure for social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Sweden. It is important that the sector's actors receive the support they need to increase the possibility of moving from idea to a real solution so that social innovations benefit society. We believe that this initiative can contribute towards that”

Tove Nordström

Executive Director at SE Forum

“Sweden has a strong commitment to Agenda 2030 and various sustainability challenges, but we are still far from achieving the global goals. We are also lagging behind many of our European friends in the development of social entrepreneurship and social innovation, as evidenced by the lack of legislation and tax breaks for social enterprises and an underdeveloped financial market to support the start-up of new social enterprises. This collaboration is an opportunity to change this and concretize the work towards a society where companies, organizations and public actors together create solutions to our societal challenges”


Strengthening a broader ecosystem and support structure for social innovation and social entrepreneurship.


We align our support towards Swedish social entrepreneurs, speaking up towards decision-makers and attracting awareness and resources from the public and private sector.


Fostering collaboration with 9 intermediaries across the ecosystem and closely aligned with Vinnova. Project managed by SE-Forum.


We measure our success on policy shifts, quality of support for our culminated network of social entrepreneurs and recognizion from the private and public sector.

Accelerating the entrepreneurial ecosystem

After many years of support efforts such as training, financing, and process development, joint efforts are now being made to gather knowledge, resources and networks to accelerate the development of social entrepreneurship and social innovation, and thereby promote sustainable growth.


Cross-border collaboration

The project, which has now been started by nine of the leading players in the sector for social entrepreneurship and social innovation, intends to promote collaboration on a broad front to create a sector that can take a clearer place in Sweden's work towards Agenda 2030 and sustainable development. Existing innovation promoters, as well as private and public actors who want to support entrepreneurs and innovators that create social and environmental sustainability and impact, will be involved in the project to clarify and organize a support a structure that promotes socially beneficial innovation and entrepreneurship at all stages.

What is ahead?

The focus during the first two years of this initiative will be on:

  • mapping

  • coordinating

  • evolving a support structure, financing solutions and policy proposals

  • developing a long-term strategic partnership

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Project partners

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Want to know more?

Emma Lindgren

Nordic Director