About us

Ashoka Nordic is the first independent and systems change oriented organization covering the Nordics. We bring nearly 40 years of experience working globally with systems change, social entrepreneurship and how to inspire and enable people to become Changemakers in their lives, businesses and communities.

We create and manage networks in changemaking and provide leadership trainings for organizations and individuals. By cultivating ecosystems that enable an “Everyone A Changemaker” world we can make the world a better place - together.

One of the fundamental insights of Ashoka is that behind every problem in society is a broken mindset that tries to solve our present and future challenges with old solutions.


We believe that to create a world in which everyone is practicing changemaking, we need to change policies, rules, infrastructures, as well as the mindsets that determine people's behaviour.

Our Team

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Our Offers

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We find, support and convene Nordic leading Changemakers in order to empower them to to lead change for the common good.


We empower youth to identify and act as Changemakers. It is important for us to co-lead with youth and to assure that the youth perspective is represented and included. Young Changemakers are key actors in the Everyone a Changemaker movement. 

How we work


We build a community of allies to achieve greater impact. We encourage intrapreneurs in business, academia and policymaking to act as Changemakers.


We form and cultivate trigger communities in which our Fellows, Young Changemakers and partners work together to shift mindsets and fix problems through systems changing solutions.


Based on groundbreaking work with our community we learn key insights into how to improve broken systems. Together, we share these insights to create change.

Ashoka has been working to build and grow a community of change leaders for 40 years. In 2011 we launched in Sweden and started Ashoka Nordic. Watch the movie to learn more about our journey since the Nordic launch.

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Ashoka Nordic

C/O Antrop

Rosenlundsgatan 31

118 63, Stockholm,  Sweden


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