Through creating and uplifting new role models from diverse backgrounds, Admir fosters a new kind of society in Scandinavia – one that is more open to failure, participation, and optimism.


In 2010, Admir founded Idrott Utan Gränser (IUG), which translates to “Sports Without Borders” in English, with a mission to cultivate a generation of young people eager to take necessary risks and responsibility to shape their lives. Admir makes new use out of existing, underutilized spaces - including PE classrooms, playgrounds, and schoolyards during afterschool, weekend, and holiday hours – in order to promote active learning and new relationships across social groups. IUG young leaders facilitate activities in these spaces, thereby attracting youth from diverse backgrounds and ages to engage in unique combinations of sports, play, and hands-on role modeling. IUG young leaders, often from immigrant backgrounds and young in age as well, become a system of support and mentorship for the participants, in particular those from immigrant backgrounds.

Beyond its work directly with youth, Admir and his organization, IUG, use its approach with play and young people as a tool to encourage society at large to function more collaboratively. IUG’s methodology inside and outside of schools creates new interactions between local associations, schools, teachers, universities, governance, the business sector, and law enforcement, in ways previously missing from society. IUG enables diverse groups in Sweden – from the youth it engages all the way to the municipality leadership – to meet and change their views of each other in unexpected ways, unleashing new role models. Consequentially, IUG shifts the current conversation about integration of immigrants in a more positive direction through highlighting the potential of role models from diverse backgrounds.


IUG creates a win-win interactive program by building networks and personal relationships that break down the barriers in society so children and teenagers build positive experiences out of failures and have an opportunity to incubate their own ideas and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Since its inception in 2010, Admir has built IUG into a nationwide movement of thousands of young people, dozens of schools, corporations, and sports clubs, as well as teachers and municipality leadership all contributing and participating in its work with young people in Sweden.


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