Meet Anantha Peramuna, founder of Nature Preserve

Anantha is a social entrepreneur that identifies and combines innovative solutions to create sustainable food systems. 

The Initiative

Nature Preserve is a sustainable initiative that encourages and inspires societies to preserve food and fight against food waste with innovative solutions. They develop both food processing technologies and food products to minimize waste and maximize your access to healthy food products. 


Food waste occurs in random quantities at random points in the farm-to-retail value chain. Up until now, this decentralized problem had a centralized and inefficient food processing solution, with produce having to be transported hundreds of kilometers to large processing plants.


Nature Preserve is miniaturizing the processing plant to accelerate and improve its functions along the food supply chain while creating 100% natural, shelf-stable and healthy ingredients. The company is developing its mobile solution to process food surplus worldwide. Nature Preserve has gauged the market acceptance of upcycled ingredients through their LOVI smoothies line. 

Systems Change Strategy

Nature Preserve’s objective is to impact the Danish fruit and  vegetable value chain by promoting better use of fruits and vegetables, better surplus management

and more  sustainable choices, which would lead to a positive  impact on the

environment, as well as to healthier consumers.


Their ambition is to reduce the fruit and vegetable waste by 25% within 5  years in Denmark. 

Get engaged!

Nature Preserve is looking for investment and support for their branding, marketing, and communication efforts. If you want to engage with them, contact Anantha.