Meet Ann Murugan, founder of BeChange

Ann has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and ecology, a Master's Degree in Sustainable Development and is educated as a mental coach. She personally suffered from “climate anxiety” which inspired her to develop a method with effective mental tools to alleviate climate anxiety that now is used in BeChange.  

The Initiative

BeChange is a powerful innovation that almost HALVES individual carbon emissions in the shortest possible time (3,5 months). It is a method that uniquely combines practical and mental training in a complete solution that helps people lead more sustainable lives and reduce their emissions. 

Systems Change Strategy

BeChange wants to make ”sustainable living knowledge” a natural part in society and integrated in daily life systems, such as work and education, so that 20% of the Swedish population will - by the end of 2027 - know and follow their footprint and know how to keep it at a sustainable level or decrease it. 

Get engaged!

BeChange is looking for a researcher on behavioural change and mental well-being (climate psychology) in correlation to emissions data (climate change).


BeChange is also looking for investors and/or grants (500 000 SEK now to complete the digital  version of BeChange, 2,4M SEK in the autumn to execute their sales strategy and 2,1M SEK in 2021 to manage their cashflow and start preparing for their global expansion). 

If you want to engage with them, contact Ann