Changemakers Accelerator

A collaboration between Ashoka, Nordea and Accenture

The Changemakers Accelerator supports innovative Nordic Social Entrepreneurs working towards the biggest social challenges the Nordics face today, within the fields of climate action and circularity.

The purpose of the program is to support the participants to create systems change strategies and to connect them to a community of committed stakeholders who can contribute to maximise the impact of their solutions.

Nine social entrepreneurs with the potential to create a systemic change, has been identified as potential game changers.

The Nordic region shares many commonalities, such as strong welfare states and an environment known for fostering innovation, as well as similar societal challenges in areas such as integration, climate change, education, etc.


In order to tackle these challenges, the region needs more social innovation, which often starts at the hands of a Social Entrepreneur. To create more impact and allow social innovation to spread, we need to enable the ecosystem and support Nordic social entrepreneurs.

Erik Feldt


“Today, we face many challenges and I believe that we need impact entrepreneurs to solve societal issues. But they can’t succeed alone. That is why we have engaged with Ashoka and Accenture. We are partnering up to accelerate entrepreneurship in the Nordics”.


Supporting innovative Nordic Social Entrepreneurs to create systemic change within climate action and circularity.

Success Scenario

The nine Nordic Social Entrepreneurs are able to scale the impact of their solutions to tackle the climate challenge.


Social innovation spreads across borders and Nordic Social Entrepreneurs achieve systemic impact.


Increased impact for the Social Entrepreneurs and engagement of different stakeholders.

Participants of the

Changemaker Accelerator program


Anantha Peramuna

Anantha uses his scientific and managing experience in the food industry to identify and combine innovative solutions to create sustainable food systems.


Christian Møller-Holst


Christian is a serial-entrepreneur who loves to create, preferably businesses who make an impact in the world. 

Jessica & Wilhelm.png

Jessica & Wilhelm


Jessica and Wilhelm are using blockchain to build a global plastic waste ecosystem.

 Lasse, Martin & Olav.png

Lasse, Martin & Olav


With varied backgrounds from property development Olav Westgaard Sunde, Lasse Kilvær and Martin S. Eid have joined forces to disrupt a traditional industry with a circular take on material resources.


Ylva Åqvist

Plan M

Jaaxx is building the alternative to the throwaway society by enabling easy sustainable everyday life – as a service.

Ann Murugan.png

Ann Murugan

Be Change

Ann personally suffered from “climate anxiety”, which inspired her to develop a method of mental tools to alleviate climate anxiety.


Harri Paloheimo


Harri is planting his apple tree in the form of sustainable services and technology to make a difference for children.


Lina Lagerbäck

We Unite Design

Lina is a social entrepreneur passionate about the environment and children’s rights.

Niklas Kaskeala.png

Niklas Kaskeala


Niklas’ passion is bringing different stakeholders to work together to solve the biggest challenge of our time; climate change.

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