Changemakers Accelerator

A collaboration between Ashoka, Nordea and Accenture

Last year, the Changemakers Accelerator supported innovative Nordic Social Entrepreneurs working towards the biggest social challenges the Nordics face today, within the fields of climate action and circularity. 


Erik Feldt


“Today, we face many challenges and I believe that we need impact entrepreneurs to solve societal issues. But they can’t succeed alone. That is why we have engaged with Ashoka and Accenture.  We partnered up to accelerate entrepreneurship in the Nordics”.

Jennie Perzon


“Collaboration among diverse actors is key to innovation and impact and I am very excited about developing the Changemaker Accelerator with this group of truly engaged partners and fantastic entrepreneurs”.


Supporting innovative Nordic Social Entrepreneurs to create systemic change within climate action and circularity.

Success Scenario

The nine Nordic Social Entrepreneurs are able to scale the impact of their solutions to tackle the climate challenge.


Social innovation spreads across borders and Nordic Social Entrepreneurs achieve systemic impact.


Increased impact for the Social Entrepreneurs and engagement of different stakeholders.

The purpose of the program was to support the social entrepreneurs to scale the impact of their social and environmentally sustainable initiatives and create 

long-lasting and systemic change.

Watch the video to learn more and click on the participants profiles to engage with them.

Participants of the

Changemaker Accelerator program


Nature Preserve designs food products that are healthy for our bodies and the planet, encouraging and inspiring societies to preserve food and fight against food waste. Find out more here.


Goodwings is hotel booking platform with impact as its DNA and with the ambition of transforming the social and environmental footprint of travel. Find out more here

Empower new.jpeg

Empower is building a global plastic waste ecosystem based on the same philosophy as the Norwegian bottle deposit system, using Blockchain technology. Find out more here.

 Lasse, Martin & Olav.png

Resirqel is Norway’s only specialists on re-use of building components, working on all angles to jump start a dead circular building industry on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Find out more here.


PlanM helps property owners reducing fossil-based travel by making walk, cycle, use public transport or share a car as easy as driving your own car, with a vision of reducing car dependency in cities. Find out more here.

Ann Murugan.png

BeChange combines practical and mental training in a complete solution that helps people lead more sustainable lives and almost halving their individual carbon emissions. Find out more here.


Jaaxx is building the alternative to the throwaway society by enabling easy sustainable everyday life – as a service. Find out more here.


We Unite Design's purpose is to relocate leftover furniture, bringing together those who are in possession of used functional and good quality furniture and those who need it. Find out more here.

Compensate works with companies to offer their customers a convenient, trusted and effective way to offset their emissions, making products more expensive and thus driving emission cuts. Find out more here.

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