Meet Christian Møller-Holst, founder of Goodwings

Christian holds a Masters in philosophy and business, as well as being an Army Officer. He is a serial-entrepreneur who loves to create, preferably businesses who make an impact in the world.  

The Initiative

Goodwings is a hotel booking platform with impact as its DNA and with the ambition of transforming the social and environmental footprint of travel.

Founded in Denmark but born global, with its partnership-based business model Goodwings is now working closely with more than 140 nonprofits in 40 countries and having the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as its framework. 

Systems Change Strategy

Goodwings works towards unlocking sufficient sources of funding to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which will lead to a sustainable future for people and planet. 

Get engaged! 

Goodwings has been heavily affected by the travel ban emerging from the Covid-19 crisis. They are currently looking at alternative financing and revenue sources. If you want to engage with them, contact Christian.