We believe that collaboration is key to solve complex challenges and achieve change. Therefore, we work closely together with various organizations to accomplish that. We are experts in creating successful and unique partnerships with different specializations that enables impact.

Ongoing collaborations:

Reach for Change, Postcode Foundation, Sitra, Vinnova, The Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation

Nordic Changemaker Map

The Map takes the health check on the Nordic Changemaker landscape, to better understand trends and needs - and consequently strengthen the ecosystem for social entrepreneurs, young Changemakers and joint initiatives. 

creativity map.png
Image by airfocus

SE Forum, Coompanion Västerbotten, Reach for Change, Impact Invest, Inkludera, Mikrofonden, Sopact, Linköping University, Vinnova

Fostering a stronger ecosystem

Ashoka Nordic joins forces with nine Sweden's key players within the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation to coordinate knowledge, resources and networks to speed up the development of the sector and work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals together with the private and public sectors.

IKEA Social Entrepreneurship

Dela Program

 Together, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka collaborate with Social Entrepreneurs and learn from their work and approaches while supporting them to achieve greater impact. 

Uplifted Youth

Nordic Young 

The Nordic Young Change-Leaders (NYC) is on a mission to bring together leading impact-orientated youth to meet, share and grow – within the Nordics and beyond. 

The Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation, Måndag

of the Year

 Changemaker of the Year is an award to community improving initiatives lead by young Changemakers. The purpose of this recognition is to empower, inspire and support youth in their journey to launch and lead positive impact in the society. 


Previous collaborations: 


Raoul Wallenberg Academy and Vinnova

Changemaker Experience

We join forces to foster Changemaking skills among youth and educators.

Nordea & Accenture

Changemakers Accelerator

Last year, we provided a collaborative Nordic platform for Changemakers. The Changemakers Accelerator  supported nine Social Entrepreneurs to develop and execute a scaling strategy for greater impact across the Nordics.

Want to collaborate?

Contact us and let´s find out how we can create change together.

Emma Lindgren

Nordic Director