Dela Programme

A collaboration between Ashoka and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship

Ashoka & IKEA Social Entrepreneurship have co-created a global accelerator, Dela, to support leading social entrepreneurs develop their impact and scaling strategies. In this second edition of the programme, twelve social entrepreneurs will participate and embark on a journey to accelerate their ideas, supported by IKEA co-workers, business leaders, and the social entrepreneurs themselves.

Together, we share knowledge, perspectives and networks to support social entrepreneurs, and to engage IKEA co-workers.

Åsa Skogström Feldt

Head of IKEA Social Entrepreneurship at Inter IKEA Group

“Social entrepreneurs are often pioneers and pathfinders who address social challenges and work to create better opportunities using an entrepreneurial approach and, in many cases, tackling the root causes of poverty and inequality in the process. In a world with big challenges, collaboration and mutual learning is key.”

Fernando Assad

Ashoka Fellow & Dela Accelerator Participant​

“For me, the Dela Accelerator programme is a one way trip. 

Once you are invited to structure and implement a system change 

strategy in order to reach much more impact, the way you used to 

think and see your work changes completely. 

It is a radical revolution.​” ​​

Accelerator Programme

The accelerator programme supports leading social entrepreneurs whose solutions redefine the underlying root cause of social problems. 

The second edition of the Dela programme features an Accelerator for 12 selected social entrepreneurs.

The Accelerator will focus on enhancing the system change strategies of the social entrepreneurs and identifying the organisational milestones required to attain them.


Co-Worker Engagement

The Dela Programme directly involves IKEA co-workers as advisors to support the social entrepreneurs with their strategic and implementational  challenges. By adding new advice to their efforts, the accelerator aims to further increase the impact of the social entrepreneurs’ work.


At the same time, it offers the IKEA advisors an opportunity to learn from the social entrepreneurs. With the support of Ashoka, IKEA co-workers and Thought Partners will present their new strategies to a group of hand-picked top-level executives who will challenge their assumptions and refine their strategies.

Adding Social Entrepreneurs

Through this partnership, we also source and select the latest, most innovative and leading social entrepreneurs who are working on the topic of livelihood and circularity. Circularity means looking beyond the current take-make-dispose model and focus on positive society-wide benefits. The social entrepreneurs inspire IKEA to work in new, smarter and sustainable ways.

The social entrepreneurs also get the option to join a Scoping and Experimentation phase. This will see them paired with ‘Experimenting Partners’ & experts to further test the feasibility, viability and desirability of their systems change ideas. 

vivenda fernando 2.jpg

Meet the current Social Entrepreneurs and their respective IKEA Advisors


Sofia Appelgren 

Ashoka Fellow | Mitt Liv

Mitt Liv’s vision is an inclusive society and a labor market that values ​​diversity. To achieve this vision, Sofia and Mitt Liv's team work to disrupt the barriers for inclusion that exist in the Swedish labor market today.  

Peter List

IKEA Advisor | Global head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, IKEA (INGKA) 

With his 30 years of working for IKEA in 3 continents, in business and people roles, Peter hopes to share his learnings and experience during the programme.

Bettina Resch2.jpg

Bettina Castillo

IKEA Advisor | Global Supply Operations Manager at IKEA Supply AG

Betinna's vision is a world where all people have the same opportunities no matter which pre-condition they are facing. 


Arbind Singh 

Ashoka Fellow | NIDAN

Arbind strongly focuses on grassroots change through his work at NIDAN. NIDAN's vision is to change the ways unorganized workers are treated in India and elsewhere. 


Jessica Andren

IKEA Advisor | Country Retail Manager & CSO IKEA Switzerland 

With her 30 years of experience, Jessica believes that we perform, transform and grow with purpose, we have the ammunition to make a difference. 

Frederic Bardeau_Credit_Thomas_Chéné_pou

Frédéric Bardeau 

Ashoka Fellow | SIMPLON.CO

Reconciling the sectors of technology and social economy, is developing new mechanisms of social inclusion by providing opportunities for individuals to develop digital skills needed to succeed in the 21st century economy.  


Paolo Cinelli

IKEA Advisor | Chief Digital & Information Officer at IKEA Saudi Arabia & Bahrain

Paolo considers it a privilege to support social entrepreneurs with his experience of leading major changes, coaching and digital transformation across geographies and cultures.


Jina Krause-Vilmar 

Social Entrepreneur | Upwardly Global

Jina and Upwardly Global support work-authorized, college-educated immigrant professionals, including refugees and asylum seekers, in rebuilding careers and accessing skills in high-demand industries.


Ramune Danileviciute 

IKEA Advisor | HR Manager - HR Department / Division Boards 

Ramune is really interested in supporting a social entrepreneur working in her area of expertise and sharing IKEA People experience. 


Adriana Marina

Ashoka Fellow | Hecho X Nosotros (HXN) & Animana

Adriana and HXN are fostering a sustainable fashion movement by establishing global mechanisms to enable rural Andean producers full and consistent access to global markets, while also shifting mindsets in the fashion industry.


Carmen Spinola

IKEA Advisor | Vaps Market Manager IKEA Valencia, Spain 

Carmen deeply believes that the main role of a leader is to develop the people around them, sharing knowledge and experiences.


Vincent Lagacé

Ashoka Fellow | Nuup

Vincent and Nuup improve the 
livelihoods of smallholder producers by 
involvingthem, the 
organizations that 
serve them, and the 
corporations that 
buy their produce 
in a common effort 
to design better, fairer
value chains.​


Elena Alemanno 

IKEA Advisor | Business steering manager at Inter IKEA Systems B.V 

Elena is contributing to the Dela programme by leveraging her knowledge and passion for the topic to benefit the participating social entrepreneurs.

self-portrait- salamatu.jpg

Salamatu Garba

Salamatu concentrates on farming activities through WOFAN as a means to bridge the gender divide, train, 

advocate and design solutions with community members to empower women and youth.

Cristiana 2CSER_photo.jpg

Cristiana Serbanescu

Project Leader New Business & Innovation in PLASEEP

Cristiana is supporting social entrepreneurs in reaching their goals of both economic and social development towards a fairer world. 


Alice Freitas

Ashoka Fellow | Instituto Realice

(Rede Asta)

Instituto Realice's vision is to contribute to the reduction of Brazilian social inequality through the empowerment of women artisans, conducting training, forming networks and access to increase their income. 

Fredrika Teams (2).jpg

Fredrika Inger 

IKEA Advisor | Global Business Area Manager Livingroom 

Fredrika hopes to contribute with her knowledge and experience of developing business and people in line with a good purpose.

andreas copy.png

Andreas Eke

The Generation Forest is a cooperative which is dedicated to fostering a healthy global climate – by planting as many forests as possible, as sustainably as possible, all while working hand in hand with local people. 

Doris Sept 2020.jpg

Doris Martetschläger 

IKEA Advisor | Global RST Manager, IKEA Supply AG. 

Doris considers it a privilege to support social entrepreneurs who create value beyond economic purpose. She wishes that her competence and experience in building and implementing strategies will support social entrepreneurship. 

Chid Liberty.png

Chid Liberty

Chid is changing the paradigm in the African manufacturing industry, by pioneering ethical manufacturing in Africa earning the continent’s first Fair Trade Certification by Fair Trade USA.

Lars Svensson 2.jpg

Lars Svensson 

IKEA Advisor | Sustainability and Communication Director - IKEA Southeast Asia 

Lars hopes to contribute with dialogue, experience, network and perspective to  help contribute in making a positive, concrete and sustainable difference.


Albert Mollah

Albert is opening opportunities for people with functional diversity to achieve their full potential, become
self-sufficient and active contributors
to society. 


Neetu Kapasi 

IKEA Advisor | Country Public Affairs Leader at IKEA India

Neetu hopes to add her experience, passion, knowledge, openness and strategic advice to enable good ideas to flourish into impactful actions.


Stacey Epperson

Ashoka Fellow | Next Step

Next Step's vision is to make 

manufactured housing a practical, 

sustainable solution to the housing 

affordability crisis across the U.S. 


Rob Olson 

IKEA Advisor | Real Estate Manager, Group Real Estate 

Rob finds it valuable to give back and support social entrepreneurs. He commits to give and take responsibility, renew and improve, lead by example, and care for people and the planet.

Meet the previous Dela Social Entrepreneurs and their respective IKEA Advisors


Liisa Smits

Ashoka Fellow | Ignitia

Liisa is sending small farmers in Ghana climate data sets that allow them to increase their yield and efficiency by timing planting, cultivating, and harvesting.

Helena Nilsson

IKEA Advisor | Inter IKEA

Helena wishes to learn, to contribute and develop mutual insights alongside the social entrepreneurs, but also to bring a connection back to IKEA.


Andrew Johnson

IKEA Advisor | INGKA Services

Andrew is interested in developing people & products that create a better life for the many & have positive impact on the planet.


Arnaud Crapie

IKEA Advisor

He started his career at IKEA in 1995 in a store in Lyon. Here he learnt about customer satisfaction and the importance of good quality products.


Daniel Kerber

Ashoka Fellow | More Than Shelters

Daniel prototypes and disseminates holistic concepts by bridging three crucial stages of a refugee's journey: arrival centers, transit zones and refugee camps.

Yasushi Kusume

IKEA Advisor | New Business Innovation

Yasushi believes that people-focused design and design competence can contribute not only to the creation of business success, but also to making the world a better place in which to live.


Inga Urbonaviciute

IKEA Advisor | IKEA Industry

Inga feels lucky that she has met a lot of outstanding people in her life, from whom she learnt a lot. Now she wants to share this knowledge with others, and has a desire to support people.


Parinaz Pakmehr

IKEA Advisor

To achieve sustainable change she believes that people need to be empowered by providing them with better living conditions, knowledge and equip them with the right tools.


Nani Zulminarni

Ashoka Fellow | PEKKA

Nani is reversing the pattern of discrimination against women by educating and enabling them to generate resources to provide for their families.


IKEA Advisor

Yuhaeti is keen to share her learnings from many years at IKEA and at the same time embrace the opportunity to broaden her perspective.


Nirmala Singh

IKEA Advisor

Nirmala strongly believes in supporting smaller businesses with innovative perspective as well as self-help. Empowerment is hugely needed and important.


Neelkanth Mishra

Ashoka Fellow | Jaljeevika

Neelkanth is building the inland fisheries industry in India, run and owned by landless farmers who can become forces that will spur growth in their communities.

Orféo Croese

IKEA Advisor

Strengthens brands through Digital Ethics. He believes that moral values are key drivers for responsible and sustainable innovation.

VaishaliMisra .jpg

Vaishali Misra

IKEA Advisor | Next Generation, IOS

Vaishali sees this as an opportunity to share her learnings with other budding social entrepreneurs and increase their impact and business reach.


Scott Stiles

Fellow | Fair Employment Agency

Scott shifts traditional domestic worker agency models to one that eradicates fees to workers and re-aligns incentives at each link along the recruitment chain.


Petra Carlberg

IKEA Advisor | Purchasing & Logistics

Petra sees the advancement of social entrepreneurs as the perfect combination of developing business and doing good for society.


Allison Silva

Fellow | Fundacion Empreender Futuro

Allison improves the social mobility of vulnerable people by democratizing access to business information and services.

Ann-Sofie Gunnarsson

IKEA Advisor

Ann-Sofie sees an opportunity to contribute with tactics and tools for scale and market reach, in order to increase the social and business impact.


Ricardo Pinhero

IKEA Advisor | IKANO, Mexico

Ricardo has a personal desire to support the local communities and entrepreneurs, so they can have bigger, positive impact.


John John

Fellow | Grassroot Tea Corporation

John is creating a new model for small tea growers to organize themselves, manufacture and sell tea to markets directly while influencing policy.

Adina Pasula

IKEA Advisor

Adina sees this as an opportunity to contribute to a project that develops business while making a difference in people’s lives, and as a great learning experience for herself.


Christina Enocson

IKEA Advisor | IKEA Food

Christina is driven by results and by making a difference and also, by the IKEA vision - a better everyday life. She believes that social initiatives can contribute to a better IKEA.


Suraiya Haque

Ashoka Fellow | Phulki

Suraiya addresses the issue of work place based day care convinced that economic emancipation for a woman is possible if her child remains safe while she is at work.

Becky Potter

IKEA Advisor

Becky is an award-winning social entrepreneur and communicator. She now run an ethical jewellery business and works with some of the most known brands globally.


Susanne Waidzunas

IKEA Advisor | Purchasing & Logistics

Susanne truly believes that we have a great opportunity and responsibility to make sure that our footprint becomes smaller and that we support the development of people and society.


Fernando Assad

Ashoka Fellow | Programa Vivenda

Fernando creates affordable kits which include all of the components necessary for a successful home renovation to cope with the alarming housing situation in Brazil.


Cecilia Bengtsson

IKEA Advisor | Purchasing & Logistics

Cecilia is interested in sharing her knowledge and experience with the social entrepreneur, and be true to IKEA’s vision to “create a better everyday life for the many people”.


Alexander Carlesson

IKEA Advisor

Alexander loves renovating in his free time and he always has some project going. He fells very proud and happy for being part of this journey.


Wietse van der Werf

Ashoka Fellow | Sea Ranger Service

Wietse combines empowerment of unemployed youths and reintegration of navy veterans to provide a solution to the monitoring of marine protected areas.


Kim Tabell

IKEA Advisor | Ingka Group

Based on his experiences from various business fields and academics, Kim has learned to see the big picture without losing focus on the details. He also possess a genuine curiosity.


Klas Ekman

IKEA Advisor

Klas has strong strategic skills, but also special skills in purchasing and logistics. Klas would now like to share this with others, to support those who need it and "pay it back" in the best way.

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