Meet our new Nordic Fellow Durukan Dudu  

Durukan is the co-founder of Anatolian Grasslands. His main area of work is regenerative agriculture, where he produces the highest nutritious food while going much beyond sustainability and improving the ecosystems. 


Durukan joined the Ashoka Fellowship in 2017 and has recently moved to Sweden to adapt and duplicate his changemaking initiatives. 

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His Changemaker journey

Durukan enjoys the solitude of nature, the cheer of crowds and the coziness of communities since he was little. His changemaking journey took a key milestone in his mid-20’s, when he started a rural collective. Durukan has always been an explorer, initiating the un-chartered and powerful ideas, paths and enterprises. His work on regenerative agriculture is based on a global movement, a set of technical tools & methods as well as a paradigm shift at once, directly engaging so many spheres and fields beyond agriculture.

Serving humanity with a more-than-acceptable way out from one of its biggest challenges, Durukan offers an existential satisfaction that comes from stewarding ecosystems. 

Durukan's work is focused on Systems Change. From financial systems to demographic patterns, ownership structures and access to land, Durukan works with re-construction of urban-rural engagements, exploring and designing eco-smart technologies, local & circular economies, the way we live our lives, etc. contributing with great leverages for optimization of socio-economical dynamics in all these areas.

His Idea

Besides being an international consultant for The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and other entities in over six countries so far, Durukan has co-founded Anadolu Meraları (Anatolian Grasslands), Savory Institute’s autonomous hub in Turkey, in early 2014. This growing entity has introduced regenerative agriculture in Turkey and is gradually switching to an “enabler” position for all growing entities.

In addition, Durukan has also co-founded Turkey’s first food ecosystem/brand with regenerative and grass-fed meat/animal-based food products with a unique operational and fundraising model. Another social enterprise Durukan and his team have developed is on its way to start in early 2021, to radically transform the supply network of fresh food (vegetables, etc.), aiming to potentially reduce wasted food ratios from 50% to 5% and even less.

Durukan has now received an initial grant for one of his projects that use artificial intelligence and remote sensing tools, to be supported by farm-friendly ground monitoring tools and databases, in order to finally reach a much cheaper and accurate tool for monitoring ecosystem vitality and soil carbon.

Another project that Durukan is focusing on is affordable and effective livestock positioning to enable widespread landscape management (while producing food) for farmers and land manager communities and thus mobilizing regenerative practices.

A final product Durukan and his team are working on is an international platform for matchmaking young people who want to get into regenerative agriculture and farmers. This is a very much needed step to kick-start the missing pool of a new generation of entrepreneurs, farmers, land managers and all sorts of skills to be created, acknowledged, and disseminated for the good of all.

Currently, Durukan is working to adapt and duplicate some of these existing enterprises in Sweden and Europe, mainly focusing on tech-based solutions that integrate a community based-approach. 

Curious for more?

Emma Lindgren

Nordic Director