Meet our Nordic Fellow Sascha Haselmayer

Sascha has founded several companies as Citymart and Living Labs Global to change how governments use public procurement to work with citizens and businesses and accelerate meaningful change. 

His Changemaker journey

Sascha grew up traveling extensively and had a fascination with cities. Sascha had a particular early focus on extreme urban conflict situations such as Soweto, Caracas, and West Belfast, the “interesting and neglected” areas dominated by “do-gooder organizations” that did not tackle issues from a systemic perspective, “activism packaged around inflexible ideologies.”

As a result, Sascha co-founded a company, Interlace-Invent, which offered a consultancy service to cities looking for innovation, focusing on the shared interest of public and private leaders around growth and socioeconomic development.

Through that work, Sascha developed strategies for innovation districts in Barcelona, Shanghai, Konstanz and Bangkok, and advised companies like HP and various universities on investments for innovation campuses. Besides, he guided innovation strategies for the Government of Thailand, the European Union, and the Nordic Council. In this work, Sascha realized that cities lack the tools and skills to implement ideas. Consequently, Sascha created Living Labs Global.

His Idea

Sascha’s Living Labs Global is an independent, non-profit global association that is creating new ways to balance government, corporations, and citizen organizations to work together. Sascha matches cities—such as Barcelona, Stockholm, Cape Town, Lagos, Chicago, Mexico City and San Francisco—with social innovations, providing a safe procurement and pilot process to facilitate implementation. 

Founding Living Labs Global, Sascha has created a concept that promotes cities as tools for new applications of technology. Besides, Sascha has built a bridge between these innovations and the decision makers in cities that procure them, creating a network of mavens and accountable officials.

Sascha’s work is also supplying the intelligence and transparency needed by cities to invest less public money to bring about greater social impact. 

Sasha is expanding his work through a concept called a social networking, marketplace and online real-time intelligence tool. The platform allows professionals and citizens to tap into relevant solutions in the international market to make more informed decisions, build transparent and service-oriented public spending, provide public access to data and increase accountability. lies at the core of Sascha’s initiative to grow its impact through online networking and market intelligence shared by cities and solution providers. Citymart´s goal is to allow cities to be informed about relevant international solutions regarding investment, strategy or regulatory decisions. In addition, Citymart aims for companies to have real-time information on city needs, creating a “common protocol” to support public decision-making and to allow great ideas to reach the market much faster. 

As a value-add for both cities and innovators, Living Labs Global is utilizing, the online platform where innovators can promote their solution into a global tagged database to highlight new innovations.

Curious for more?

Emma Lindgren

Nordic Director