Despite considerable economic resources, Norway ranks below France and Germany in science education. As one of the first masters students to work in gene technology in Norway, Hanne Finstad realized that you learn science by doing. Every scientist—like every social entrepreneur—had a moment that sparked his or her passion. Through Forskerfabrikken (Scientist Factory) Hanne is creating opportunities for as many kids to have as many moments of inspiration in science.


Hanne is creating a new generation of scientists, a culture of critical thinking, and broadening intellectual curiosity through a multi-pronged strategy to integrate in-depth, experiential science into classrooms. Hanne is operating on the realization that students must actively participate in science to understand it. Hanne’s company, Forskerfabrikken, offers inexpensive two-hour science courses after school to “train young brains,” enrich and speed learning, and position science as something fun and interesting. A corps of specialized teachers is drawn from scientific researchers and engineers to inspire, teach, and engage students around experiential learning.

Hanne is integrating this experiential approach into curriculum, offering modules for teacher lessons, textbooks, and extensive teacher training, which has raised test scores as well as offer consulting for schools to determine how to improve their equipment and build centers for science. Her work is building a new social landscape for science, based on an understanding of how people learn, and transforming science education into something compelling and accessible to all.


Ashoka Nordic

C/O Antrop

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