Meet Christian Harri Paloheimo, founder of Jaaxx

Harri is planting his apple tree in form of sustainable services and technology, hoping it will make a difference in the lives of his children. 

The Initiative

Jaaxx is building the alternative to the throw away society by enabling easy sustainable everyday life – as a service. 

With circular economy in mind, Jaaxx  has created an affordable, easy to use and accessible 24/7 consumer equipment rental service. The company collaborates with progressive real-estate and housing providers that support sustainable daily life of their end-customers. 

Systems Change Strategy

Jaaxx works towards expanding their service into a full-flexed platform complementing existing value chains and providing a sustainable community tool-box by adding their existing other services such as ride-sharing (equipment home delivery), community tasks and third party repair services. 

Their long-term goal is to see  99% of EU consumers using  electronic consumer products as a service (rental, leasing, repair), instead of the  current  trend  of  purchasing  these  products  (15% annual increase 2013-2016 in the EU market), while many usable products are being thrown away or stored. 

Get engaged! 

Jaaxx  is looking for funding for integrating their  new platform and expanding outside Finland.  If you want to engage with them, contact  Harri.