Meet Jessica & Wilhelm, founders of Empower

Wilhelm is a serial entrepreneur with multiple features in Forbes, The Independent, BBC and Moneyweek. He is passionate about applying new technologies to solve major global challenges with ease.  


Jessica is a lawyer dedicated full-time to fighting plastic waste around the world with Empower. With a background in law firms and multinational companies, she thrives in innovative and challenging environments.     

The Initiative

Founded in 2018, Empower has an objective to create a disruptive brand new global ecosystem for plastic waste to challenge one of the greatest threats to our planet, while making real social impact and laying the basis for a circular economy. 


Through tokenized transactions, the Empower Platform incentivises crowdsourced plastic waste collections, and facilitates decentralized waste management on a global scale.  


Find out more about Empower’s work here

Systems Change Strategy

Empower is addressing a structural problem in the 300-billion-dollar plastic waste industry. They aim at enhancing transparency in waste management, sorting and recycling. Through supply chains tracking and digital inventories, they redesign the plastic waste flows and connect all the value chain stakeholders for a fully circular economy.  


The long-term goal is to create a digital ecosystem for recycled plastic with transparency and traceability, where plastic waste is ensured to end up where it has the highest value, therefore reducing the amount of plastic in our environment.  

Get engaged!

Empower is looking for global strategic partners (major buyers of recycled plastic, major drivers for a circular economy) and experts in several areas (financial, legal, waste management, supply chain and packaging) for their High-Level Advisory Board. 


Empower is also aiming at raising 5 million euros in their next investment round. If you want to engage with them, contact  Wilhelm