Meet Lasse, Martin & Olav, partners of Resirqel AS 

With backgrounds from property development, architecture and construction, Olav Westgaard Sunde, Lasse Kilvær and Martin S. Eid have joined forces to change the building industry with a circular take on material resources and ecosmart asset management.

The Initiative

Resirqel is Norway’s only company specialized in the re-use of building components.


From automating the surveys of existing property, consulting, and planning, to hands-on disassembling, trading in surplus and re-use materials, documenting immediate CO2 and waste reductions, advising and delivering reports on sound reuse for the national building authorities and even delivering complete re-used buildings and contracts, Resirqel is working  all angles to jump start a dead circular building industry on the Scandinavian Peninsula.


In 2019 only, Resirqel surveyed 20 properties of about 200.000 m2 ready for demolition - and delivered reused building products to countless projects. 

Systems Change Strategy

The Norwegian construction sector produces 1.8 million tonnes of waste every year, much of which could technically be reused. Resirqel and their allies are working towards a future where functional components are preserved, redocumented, and redistributed, and where all buildings must be designed with reuse in mind, as part of a circular system.


To get there, they need more physical reuse projects today, in order to build experience and awareness within the industry, and in society as a whole. At the same time, research, development and the active dissemination of knowledge, helps build a wave of impact much larger than Resirqel themselves.


Resirqel has been able to take a leading role in developing a sustainable ecosystem while delivering positive economic results - as such can be seen as an inspiration and a role model for new businesses. 

Get engaged!

Resirqel is looking to involve new partners and stakeholders in their missions. If you want to engage with them, contact Martin