Liisa Smits has developed an accurate and reliable weather forecast system for the tropics and by making it accessible to small farmers is empowering them to make educated decisions to increase efficiency and agricultural yield.


Liisa developed the first reliable weather forecasting model for near-equator areas, which produces highly accurate weather predictions with regional and seasonal outlooks, monthly trends, and rain predictions. Making this information available and easily accessible to farmers in the tropical areas of Ghana, she is bridging a gap in the value chain, enabling farmers to make informed decisions, mitigating adverse impacts from weather patterns, and optimizing conditions for the agricultural sector.

Due to climate change, weather in the tropics is extremely sporadic, inconsistent, and changing. By creating an entirely new and accurate formula for predicting weather in these parts of the world, Liisa can provide customized weather forecasts, early warning alerts, and climate data sets allow farmers to increase their yield and efficiency by timing planting, cultivating, and harvesting. In so doing Liisa is improving not only the livelihood and economic independence of farmers, but is also contributing to farm productivity, income, environment, and the agricultural industry.

The tropics account for 20% of the world’s land and the majority of the world’s population. There is a high demand to have accurate weather information for these parts of the world. Although Liisa has begun working in Ghana, she is quickly spreading to other countries in West Africa, and has clear plans to expand to India and eventually all 16 countries through which the equator passes.


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