Meet Lina Lagerbäck, founder of

We Unite Design 

Lina is a social entrepreneur passionate about the environment and childrens rights. As a trained printmaking artist and with a bachelor in business economics she combines creativity, design and business in everything she puts her hand on. Always with the environment top of mind.  

The Initiative

We Unite Design's purpose is to relocate leftover furniture, bringing together those who are in possession of used functional and good quality furniture and those who need it. 


This relocation of goods and the value they possess creates both environmental impact by extending the products life, and social impact by having different parts of the society working together.  

Systems Change Strategy

We Unite Design is working on the Swedish office furniture management system, so that all functional, clean and working furniture is redistributed back into the system and used over and over again, which will lead to prolonged technical life of the furniture and reduced CO2 emissions. 

We Unite Design’s ultimate goal is achieving a completely circular system for office furniture with suppliers in each part of the chain, so that no furniture becomes waste.  

Get engaged!

We Unite Design is looking for partnerships with companies engaged in the commercial real estate market and with companies that work with furniture in any way. We Unite Design is also looking for financial and/or intellectual support in building a B2B platform.


If you want to engage with them,  contact Lina by emailphone or LinkedIn