Meet Niklas Kaskeala, Head of Sustainability at Compensate

Niklas is motivated by bringing different stakeholders together to solve the biggest challenge of our time: climate change. We need a multi-stakeholder  approach that involves businesses, civil society, politicians and most importantly people.  His passion is to get social movements and businesses  together to work towards common goals.  

The Initiative

Compensate is a non-profit organization set out to bring people and companies together to stop climate change. They work with companies  to offer their customers a convenient, trusted and effective way to offset the emissions caused by their purchases.


Choosing to offset your carbon  emissions should be as easy as paying your VAT. Compensate makes consuming products that have caused emissions more expensive and thus  drives to emission cuts.  

Systems Change Strategy

Compensate is working towards changing the relationships, transparency and flow information between offset service providers, B2C-companies, data aggregators and consumers, which will lead to consumers being more aware of the climate impact of their choice and make choosing climate friendly options easier.  

Compensate’s goal is that consumers will have enough information to understand and decrease their individual carbon footprint by choosing more sustainable alternatives, as well as convenient means to contribute individually to offset their carbon emissions. 

Get engaged!

Compensate is always looking for businesses or other organizations who wish to join in their vision. If you want to engage with them, contact Niklas