Nordic Changemaker Map

Taking the pulse on the Nordic Changemaker landscape


The Nordic Changemaker Map aims to identify and analyze the current health status, networks and trends among Changemakers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The collected data will be developed into a digital and visualised map, a set of recommendations and public event series.  

The Nordic Changemaker Map is a collaborative project with the objective to identify key stakeholders, networks, connectivity and needed support to strengthen the Nordic ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and Changemaking.


The Map uses a Snowball Analysis method that enables a grassroots approach to and thus engaging Changemakers from all parts of the region. The Map will be conducted both through a quantative approach of online questionnaire, as well as through in-depth personal interviews.


The Nordic Changemaker Map invites 3 categories of Changemakers:

(a) established social entrepreneurs,
(b) young Changemakers, and
(c) Changemaker initiatives.

Pilot phase |

September - December 2020

CM Map Finland.png

Finland Changemaker Map |

October 2020 - March 2021

Learn about the Pilot and Finnish

Changemaker Map

CM Map Finland.png


A pan-Nordic map health check on Changemakers. Develop a digital map, recommendations and event series to further strengthen the ecosystem.

Success Scenario

A collaborative platform to connect Changemakers, enhance cross-sectorial collaborations, support societally-driven ideas and engage new actors in the field.


Enhanced sector for social entrepreneurs, young Changemakers and joint initiatives to thrive and further develop the Nordic region through Changemaking.


Increased awareness on Changemaking, acceleration of collaborations, and a a rigid analysis of the qualitative and quantitively processed data.

The three pillars of the Nordic Changemaker Map

Changemakers Nodes

A visualised and digital map that allows ecosystem players to better understand the current state of the Nordic Changemaker scene. The digital map aims to provide an easily accessible platform to further connect and enhance their individual Changemakers and collaborative efforts on a national and cross-regional level.

Image by Malte Wingen
Image by The Climate Reality Project

Changemaker Trends

Through a careful analysis the Map wishes to identify trends among Nordic social entrepreneurs, young Changemakers and joint initiatives. The analysis will serve as a springboard to take more informed strategic directions to support and evolve the scene in our society.

Event series

The event series is a space for ecosystem actors to think, dissect, explore and build together. The series will foremost bring forward the identified trends and invite for an open forum to with the mission to accelerate and enhance the field.


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