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Mapping trends, needs and Changemakers in Norway

The Norwegian leg of the Nordic Changemaker Map aims to identify Norwegian Changemakers and map their needs, milestones and connections in order to evolve the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship.


The initiative will result in a set of digital maps, trends-analysis and recommendations, and subsequently aims to have an event series that invites ecosystem actors to think, explore and act together to strengthen the fields of social entrepreneurship and changemaking in Norway. 

In Phase 1, the Norwegian map sets out to interview 40 social entrepreneurs, young Changemakers and joint initiatives, as well as collect the work and experiences of additional 120 Norwegian Changemakers.

Who is a Changemaker?

The Nordic Changemaker Map defines a changemaker as a: 

person or project that has identified a societal challenge, developed a solution, and assembled a team to solve the problem in practice.

The map will focus on 3 categories of Changemakers:

  • Social entrepreneurs

  • Young Changemakers (16-25 years old) 

  • Changemaker initiatives (between 2 or more organizations that work to create societal change)

The Norwegian map will contribute to the Nordic-wide map, in which the regional trends, actors, needs and ideas will be compiled to a joint Nordic Changemaker Map.

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Changemaker ecosystem

For the map, we focus on 3 key target groups: 

  • Social entrepreneurs: change-agents who have set up a company or organization and whose mission is to solve a social problem in an innovative and entrepreneurial way.

  • Young Changemaker between the ages of 16 and 25 who have identified a societal challenge and taken action. The young changemaker enthusiastically engages more members of his/her community in the change.

  • Changemaker initiatives: for instance, a collaborative project between two or more organizations with the primary goal of societal impact.

Selection Criteria


Organizations and projects that are well-established and have been active in the field for at least one year are invited. *

Social goal
The developed solution combines an innovative idea with a social challenge.

Working together
The changemaker has put together a team or team that solves the challenge together (eg partners, funders, volunteers, etc.)

Scaling and transparency
The changemaker likes to share his idea with others and is ready to scale the solution to accelerate effectiveness. 


The change agent is open to cooperation with other actors.

*For young Changemakers and initiatives / networks, this criterion is applied slightly differently.

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