Community Day 2019

Last week we hosted our annual Community Day. It’s a day to celebrate the Nordic Changemaking Community. We strengthen our mutual sense of identity through inspiration, knowledge sharing, team building as well as open and honest discussions.

This year we put extra focus on how the field of social entrepreneurship has progressed since Ashoka entered the Nordics in 2011. Back then, only a very select few understood what social entrepreneurship was. Today, every serious investor, company, university and municipality is aware of the field and is reaching out to collaborate on Changemaking. There is now an ecosystem of Changemakers.​ ​An amazing shift considering were we were less than 10 years ago.

To celebrate the creativity and inspirational quality of our Community, we enjoyed dinner at Junibacken, a location showcasing the imaginational legacy of Astrid Lindgren. Further building on the potential we see in our Community, how our seemingly impossible aspirations can become real in the years to come.

Throughout the day we had collaborative sessions on systems change, how we can raise a new generation of problem solvers and how we as a community can contribute to achieving a world in which everyone is a Changemaker for the good of all.

Photo by Laidi Lakkur

Due to the strength of our Community we were even bold enough to ask what they on an individual level could commit to contribute. We got great responses such as creating new partnerships for collective impact, and a personal commitment to enhance one’s own Changemaking skills, or being an advisor to schools on how to work with Changemaker skills. One Community member wants to show how banally simple it is to be the change we want to see in the world, and another to bring the Changemaking dialogue into their programmatic work. One even committed to launch a political party.

Together we build a Nordic Platform for Social Entrepreneurship and Changemaking. What will you do to improve society this year?

Photos by Laidi Lakkur: