Delft, here we come!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

We’re writing to you with just a few days until we begin our exciting journey to Delft with Ashoka and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship. In this post we will explain more about what is going to happen during the Dela Summit and the people we are looking forward to meeting.

Town Hall in Delft, The Netherlands

In Swedish Dela means 'to share'. That’s exactly what the IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka partnership is all about. The Dela Summit will take place Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week.

Thursday will be the Strategy Day, and during this day the Social Entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to present and get feedback on their strategy plans. Friday is known as the Implementation Day. Here the focus will be on how to implement the strategy plans from the day before. Last but not least is the Leadership Day, where the Ashoka family will reflect on how to perform all this work in a sustainable way.

Let’s talk a bit about the different groups of people we will meet during the Dela Summit. The Social Entrepreneurs are a part of the Ashoka network. The Social Entrepreneurs develop new ideas that in different ways transform societies and improve the lives of tons of people. They do everything from sending climate data to small farmers in Ghana, to develop kits to fix issues in homes in Brazil’s favelas. They are leading their field and are true Changemakers. We are so thrilled to hear more about their stories and impact.

Ashoka Fellow and Social Entrepreneur Liisa Smits works with supplying climate data to small scale farmers in Ghana.

The Thought Partners are business leaders, specifically selected and invited to the Summit to give feedback to the Social Entrepreneurs’ strategy plans. Their extensive expertise and experience will surely make the difference between a good strategy plan and a great one.

Lastly, the IKEA Strategy Advisors and IKEA Implementation Advisors that are working close to the Social Entrepreneurs. The Strategy Advisors have spent months collaborating with the Social Entrepreneurs to develop the strategy plans, and now the Implementation Advisors will pick up that thread and collaborate to implement the strategy plan for maximum impact.

We are excited to meet, listen, learn and get inspired from all of these people. They have a special eye for social entrepreneurship and how to make the world a better place. One of our main goals with this journey is to get their thoughts and input on everything that we will experience during the Dela Summit.

If some of you have any specific questions you want to get answers to, do not hesitate to email us at or

Next time you hear from us we are in Delft!

Linnéa and Kim