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Launching Changemakers Accelerator

Ashoka, Nordea and Accenture are now jointly launching Changemakers Accelerator – a programme that will support climate initiatives in the Nordics. Nine social entrepreneurs with the know-how and ambition to create long-term solutions to protect the environment and tackle the climate issues of our era have been selected.

Each entrepreneur is allotted a team of allies from Nordea and Accenture, who will provide guidance, advice and support in their work on devising innovative solutions.

Emma Lindgren, Ashoka Nordic

“We’re delighted that our cooperation continues with the launch of a new accelerator programme that assists social entrepreneurs to develop solutions for climate action and circularity in the Nordics. With their Nordic network, resources and engagement for value creation, Nordea and Accenture are excellent partners,” says Emma Lindgren, Ashoka Nordic.

The participants have been selected for the programme based on their potential to contribute to a shift in the system and their ability to work with climate and circularity issues.

Erik Feldt, Nordea

“Climate action and social entrepreneurship are important for Nordea. Today, we face many new challenges and entrepreneurs are needed to overcome them. We therefore find it important to participate in industry-wide collaborative initiatives and implement the Changemakers Accelerator. This enables us to create solutions that accelerate social entrepreneurship,” explains Erik Feldt, Nordea.

Ingrid Alexanderson, Accenture in Sweden

“For us, being a responsible and sustainable company is key, and we will support the entrepreneurs with our technology, know-how and resources in this innovative program. We wish to help the entrepreneurs to take the next step in their work with the climate and environmental challenges we face,” comments Ingrid Alexanderson, Accenture.

The following entrepreneurs have been selected to participate in Ashoka’s accelerator programme: BeChange, Compensate, Empower, Goodwings, Jaaxx, Nature Preserve, Plan M, Resirqel and We Unite Design.

The Social Entrepreneurs selected to be part of the Changemakers Accelerator on Climate Action and Circularity

For more information about the Social Entrepreneurs and the program, visit the Changemakers Accelerator page.

Fun fact:

Last year, Ashoka and Nordea partnered up and ran the “Hello Nordics” program, aimed at improving integration and inclusion in the Nordics. Hello Nordics supported ten Social Entrepreneurs in achieving a greater impact for their innovative solutions for the social and economic inclusion of marginalised people in the region. Ashoka and Nordea have now joined forces with Accenture to create a Nordic platform for change that will reinforce the social entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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