Leading social entrepreneurs in the Nordics - creating impact for resilient communities

Social entrepreneurs are leaders with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. They are ambitious and persistent — tackling major issues and offering new ways to create lasting positive change, often on a systemic level.

What can we learn from social entrepreneurs about how to effectively change institutions, policy or mindsets?

Last week, we engaged the growing community in Finland in a discussion with the leading social entrepreneurs Sofia Appelgren (Founder of Mitt Liv, Sweden) and Ole Kassow (Founder of Cycling without Age, Denmark) as well as the Ashoka's Director for Europe, Marie Ringler where we could learn about the impact that innovative social entrepreneurs are creating across sectors, leading with purpose at the core.

During the discussion, we heard Ole Kassow encouraging all social entrepreneurs to have the courage to let go and give others the freedom to lead in their movement. In addition, he also explained the initiative "The Right to Relate", launched together with Ashoka to promote relationships as a human right.

"Ashoka has a made a significant impact on Cycling Without Age, giving me an extra understanding on how we change minds in the society", Ole Kassow.

In addition, Sofia Appelgren explained her changemaking journey on how she approached a sustainable business model where diversity and inclusion mindsets are embedded in the labor market.

"Ashoka has connected me with people who are like-minded and who have the same high energy for something in which they want to expend their live. That is a great power and source of inspiration.", Sofia Appelgren.

Ashoka has been working with social entrepreneurs across the globe since 1980, and we have supported nearly 4000 changemakers who bring forward examples, ideas, and insights that serve as new roadmaps in our rapidly changing world. By continuing to develop our network of Fellows and providing them with financial, knowledge, and logistical support, we want to make sure our Fellows succeed.

Now we want to find inspiring Finnish changemakers to include in our network. Hence, if you want to recommend an Ashoka Fellow, be a part of this mission and learn from passionate social entrepreneurs, join upcoming discussions and get in touch!