Meet Ylva Åqvist, founder of

Plan M 

Ylva is a social entrepreneur with a degree in environmental science and a long background in the field of mobility. Impact is  Ylva’s  strongest  driving  force and the best way to motivate  herself for long term work.


The possibility to make impact gives  Ylva  strength and hope for the future. It's  her  injection against climate resignation.   

The Initiative

PlanM helps property owners reducing fossil-based travel by making walk, cycle, use public transport or share a car as easy as driving your own car, with a vision of reducing car dependency in cities.  

Systems Change Strategy

Currently, almost 80% of all properties are planned and built with a focus on cars. PlanM works towards setting limits for fossil-fueled car traffic movement to and from properties, in order to switch from car-focused planning to a mixed travel mode focus. 

Until 2030 Plan M wants to support 20 progressive real estate companies in Skåne to set goals for traffic reduction to and from their properties. 

Get engaged!

PlanM is looking for the following type of support: 

  • An economic adviser/company developer 

  • A lawyer/jurisconsult that can carry out a regulatory overview in order to identify and assess policy/regulatory items that are relevant or likely to impact Plan M’s work 

  • Support on their communications strategy 

If you want to engage with them, contact Ylva S Åqvist.